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What type of care does Thorpe’s Nursing Home provide?

Thorpe’s Nursing Homes provide care for adults over the age of 18 years. This can be either short term care for convalescence or post operative or respite or long term nursing home care.

Does Thorpe’s provide a respite care service?

Yes. Respite care is available for periods of one week or longer.

Are there nurses on site at all times?

Yes there are nurses on duty in Thorpe’s 24 hours per day.

Is there an activities programme?

A formal programme of activities is available each day from a wide range of activities. You may choose which activities you would like to participate in. Additionally games are available for use at any time.

What are the visiting hours?

There are no formal visiting hours – relatives or friends can visit whenever it suits.

Can I have a television in my room?

All rooms have televisions.

Can we bring some of our own furniture?

Yes you can bring your own furniture that would be suitable including pictures, radio etc.

How do I launder my clothes?

Laundry at Thorpe’s Nursing Home are outsourced.

Can I continue to use my own GP?

Yes you can use your own GP.

Is a GP available at all times?

A GP available round the clock for emergency care on a call out service.

Will the Government pay for nursing home costs?

The Government has a scheme in place known as Fair Deal which covers some of the costs of individual nursing home care based on the assessments.

Can I still go out with family or friends?

Yes we encouraged residents to go out with friends and family as often as the feel comfortable travelling for day trips or holidays.

What is the inspection and registration of nursing homes about?

From 1 July 2009, the Social Services Inspectorate within the Health Information and Quality Authority are responsible for the registration and inspection of all public and private nursing homes and residential care services for older people. They register and inspect to see if nursing homes are safe and that residents are being cared for properly. For the first time, HSE-run centres, as well as, private and voluntary nursing homes are subject to independent registration and inspection.

Do all nursing homes have to be registered?

Yes. By law, all nursing home services in the public, private and voluntary sectors have to be registered (to ensure they are able to provide such services in the first instance) and inspected (in order to ensure they are maintaining standards required to operate and are continuously upholding high standards) by the Social Services Inspectorate of the Health Information and Quality Authority.

How are inspections carried out?

Inspections are announced or unannounced and can be held during the day or night. Inspectors talk with managers, staff and interested people and also talk with residents (residents who do not wish to speak to inspectors do not have to) and their families. Inspectors focus on the experience of the resident living in the nursing home and what it is like to live there. An inspection report is produced by the Authority after each inspection.

How do I get in Contact?

Phone 061 – 353007 or Email

About Thorpe’s

The objective of Thorpe’s Nursing Home is to provide a high standard of professional care to all residents in a clean, comfortable and safe environment.

Our ethos is that our residents are treated as unique dignified individuals and are encouraged to fulfil their potential. The residents and their families are treated with respect. Religious and cultural beliefs are valued by all staff.

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